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Konnakol-The Art of South Indian Vocal Percussion

Konnakol-The Art of South Indian Vocal Percussion

While the drumming arts of South India have a foundation in vocal percussion, Konnakol is the art of the voice itself. The phrasing is much more finessed for performance and filled with unique phrases that could still be interpreted on the drum of choice but not as a direct stroke by name.

The most esteemed artists of both rhythmic instruments (vidyalaya) and of melodic instruments are becoming more verse in konnakol. The finest master of this art is Sri Subash Chandran, The King of the Konnakol.

Sri Subash Chandran is the first artist to release a DVD on this vocal art with foundation material to learn The Art of Konnakol DVD

There are many other artists performing wonderful konnakol and we hope to feature them hear for you. What’s the best way to do that? Let us know. Long ago I learned we all have our favorites and the “best” in music dominates conversation. This site is about the art, which above all else is the purpose. ¬†The artists who perform this art should be featured and hopefully the range will be from good hearted amateurs who are obviously interested and receiving basic instruction from their guru. And we will scour the web to publish videos and articles related to this art. Your suggestions are welcome and we hope you’ll participate with questions, comments, and experiences.